Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finished Skull Bottles

So, it's been quite some time that I've blogged. I find it amazing how fast time can pass one by. And I forget to post here because I am usually posting on my facebook page. In looking over my blog, I realize that I show a ton of in progress work, but hardly ever show the finished pieces. Here is my attempt to rectify that situation a bit.

To start out, here are the finished skull bottles.

 I am particularly pleased with this little bottle. It's cute and delicate and very feminine.

 Here's the more manly black and white bottle. As much as I don't like soul patches, this one works well. I should have tried to make a goatee. Next time!

And here's the full on painted bottle. In looking at it now, I think I should have added lipstick to this one. At any rate, I'm happy with it and the colors and patterning turned out quite well.

Finally, here's the vampire skull bottle. I was experimenting with manganese in the eye and nostril sockets. I also used copper in the teeth area. If copper gets enough carbon during the firing process, it can turn red. Oh, and I used a celadon glaze on the whole bottle. Since the firing didn't seem to have as much carbon, the celadon turned more yellow and the copper stayed green.

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