Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June tidings

Well, I have really slowed down on my clay production. I just haven't been feeling the need to play in clay. I did make a few mugs for my co-workers and I did buy a kiln back in April.

Here is my new kiln. I'm able to fire really small pieces in this (mugs, small bowls, pendants and such) It's a good size for the limited amount of production I am doing now. And it means I don't have to transport pieces while they are green. Unfortunately, the kiln is in the shop because it's not hitting temperature or rather, it is, but the electronic display is coming up with an error. Fingers crossed it comes back to me soon.

Here is a Master Chief helmet mug made for a co-worker. He really likes the game, Halo, and he really likes coffee, so this is appropriate.

Here is a Totoro mug made for another co-worker, in the green stage.

And when it was glaze fired.

My co-workers really love coffee. I made 3 mugs for 3 of them. And now, their cups are so big that they can wipe out a whole pot of coffee by themselves.

Now my Totoro mug co-workers wants me to make a mug for myself and I'll make one for another co-worker too.

I'm still on a break from throwing clay. Been like this for the past few months. I just haven't wanted to do it and I'm enjoying painting and drawing more. Still, with this break, my creative juices are coming back and I am hoping to throw a few pieces soon. I know that once the Autumn comes again, I'll be producing more as I have a bunch of things I would like to make for the wood firing starting in November.

Will definitely keep everyone posted.