Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee Jar and a big teapot

A few months ago, a friend asked me how I would make a coffee jar. I didn't want it to look like something you would buy from a flea market, so I made this one. I think it is wider than the original coffee jar that my friend showed me, but maybe shorter. The 'root' on the side is a spoon holder.

And, I decided to make a large teapot. This was made with 5 lbs of clay. Dragon is the knob and I will eventually add a bamboo handle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sculpture Raku vase, teapot & coffee jar

Last night was spent throwing Sculpture Raku clay, making items for friends and fun. Above is a teapot. Yes, it will be a big teapot and probably not very functional since the opening is pretty small. Should be fun to add bits and pieces to it.

Decided to make a coffee jar for a friend. It looks smaller than the one she has (I think), but might be wider.

Spout for the teapot and lids for both the jar and the teapot.

Finally, a stacked vase. I'm having issues making big enough vases and getting shapes that I actually like. Still not satisfied with this one.

These won't be wood fired. They'll be glazed and fired to cone 10 at our studio.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sculpture, more wood fired pieces and yarn bowls

We opened another wood soda kiln firing last week. Above is a vase with roots. For other images, see my updated Flickr Wood Soda firing page. I've also created a Sculpture set.

This is my latest sculpture. She's a dragon lady. In her upraised hand is a heart with ventricles. Yes, I went there. I was in a rather 'dark' mood when finished up this sculpture.

Here are some yarn bowl kitties done for a friend. Black kitty above and a grey tabby below. They are glazed and waiting to be fired.

Slowly but surely, I am getting all outstanding projects done. I have to pick up the popover bowl that I have finally glazed and gotten fired.