Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm back!

So, I did take some time off right after the Christmas sale and then, I decided to do some fun stuff first. I've also been working on some new work for the wood soda kiln. I made 4 wall hangers and 2 vases for the last firing at the end of January. They turned out great! Pictures to come.

But, first the fun stuff. Here is a lizard/dragon jar.

And my latest sculpture. it's female. I'm kind of happy with some of the folds. I actually feel like I got some right. But once, I had that feeling, the next fold just didn't seem to work as well.

Here's the back side.

I'm also working on stackers for some future wood soda firings. I didn't really care for the shape of this one, so I added a heart cut out to it. It's hard to fit it back into the cutout if the shape isn't completely symmetrical. But, I managed to make it work.

More wall hanging vases. This time, I threw the upright. Tonight, I will head back and 'throw' trim the bottoms to get that nice closed shape. Let's see if this works better than the throwing upside down type.