Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Underglazed work

I have been busily painting since APE. Most of my recent painted plates have all be commissions which makes me very happy.

Here are some painted plates:

Yarn bowls:

With the exception of the Brown Bunny and Blue Bird yarn bowls, all of the pieces here have been sold. I have 3 more yin yang kitty plates that need to be finished up and one of those is sold. All in all, things have been going very well for me in the pottery world. I am currently working on another commission, a hippo candy jar. AND wood firing season starts up next weekend. I can't wait!


  1. I love your painting style - those big eyes make for some seriously cute critters.

    How much do the yarn bowls go for? Shipping costs may prove prohibitive, but that blue bird is adorable.

  2. Natalie, I charge $40 for the painted yarn bowls. And I usually use UPS ground, so it would be about $15-$20 for shipping and handling.

  3. i wish was the least bit crafty to need one of those yarn bowls. so cute.