Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hippo Candy Jar

 Last night, I put together the commissioned Hippo Candy Jar.

 Here's his gaping maw for a bag of jelly beans.

 Another view.

And of course, he has to have a tail.

I will underglaze this guy and then cone 5 fire him.

I will also make a second one just in case this one doesn't turn out.

As a side note, Gandalf's staff on the bottom was broken off. My bad for leaving him at the studio instead of bringing him home. However, I have the piece, so I will be firing it and then glue it on. Fortunately, the break happened right under his hand and the joining can be hidden.


  1. I LOVE his little tush! He is adorable! Whenever you are up for it, I might just have to get one!

  2. you got it, Dee :D After the new year, ok?