Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Underglazed plates

 These all came out of the kiln last night. Blue Bird of Happiness
 Another Skellie and Rose
 Unicorn - done for a friend. I really do not plan on making more of these.
 More Yin Yang Kitty plates. All but one is sold.

And I think that may be it for underglazed plates for this year.

Gandalf is cooling in the Wood Soda Kiln. I'll be seeing the results on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hippo Candy Jar

 Last night, I put together the commissioned Hippo Candy Jar.

 Here's his gaping maw for a bag of jelly beans.

 Another view.

And of course, he has to have a tail.

I will underglaze this guy and then cone 5 fire him.

I will also make a second one just in case this one doesn't turn out.

As a side note, Gandalf's staff on the bottom was broken off. My bad for leaving him at the studio instead of bringing him home. However, I have the piece, so I will be firing it and then glue it on. Fortunately, the break happened right under his hand and the joining can be hidden.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Underglazed work

I have been busily painting since APE. Most of my recent painted plates have all be commissions which makes me very happy.

Here are some painted plates:

Yarn bowls:

With the exception of the Brown Bunny and Blue Bird yarn bowls, all of the pieces here have been sold. I have 3 more yin yang kitty plates that need to be finished up and one of those is sold. All in all, things have been going very well for me in the pottery world. I am currently working on another commission, a hippo candy jar. AND wood firing season starts up next weekend. I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tree Woman 2, teapot and Skellie Sculpt 1

 They're all out of the kiln!

Here's a closeup of the Tree Woman 2. I painted celadon glaze all over her. Some of the greener areas are where the glaze was thicker. I do need to photograph this one more professionally. Very happy with how she turned out

The little bell shaped teapot. I will have to get a handle for it. Maybe this weekend.

Finally, my first skellie sculpt. I'm going to paint her with acrylic paint. Should be fun!