Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Spiderwoman platter and more on my latest sculpture

I realized that I hardly ever post pictures of my finished work. So, finally, you can see what one of my underglazed platters looks like when completely fired. I like this design. I think I'll have to carve it into a slab of porcelain and add some underglaze to it. That will happen after I finish my latest bunch of plates.

So, on Tuesday, I added a head to my latest sculpture. The face was kind of fun to make, but I still need to work on getting faster and better at making heads.

Here's a close up. I've decided that I wanted to keep playing with expressions on my sculptures. Blank faces don't interest me as much anymore. Can't wait to get started on the rest of her details.

Surprisingly, my office will be closed for the Labor Day holiday on Friday as well as Monday. As my weekend is all filled up, I get to 'play' on Friday. Yay! Will post photos of how it turns out.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Latest Sculpture

August was not a very productive month for me, mostly because I was in Hawaii for the first two weeks of the month. However, I came back inspired and ready to make more stuff!

The Knitting Room was running out of yarn bowls, so I made about 2 and a half bags worth of stock. Unfortunately, of the 14 I made, I've lost 3. Ah me...

I've also been accepted into the Alternative Press Expo, so I made a few more plates to paint. Egad, where does the time go?

I threw 6 plates, one squared bowl and 3 more yarn bowls. Unfortunately, they were too wet to trim today, so I got to sculpt. Yay!

I threw the body of this sculpture almost 3 weeks ago and today was the first time I got to work on it. I'm using the Dark Brown clay and will add a celadon glaze over it once it's done. For the face, I think I might use a different clay (BHC which is kind of a warm honey colored clay body when completely fired). Should be fun.

I have really enjoyed making the folds of the dress look like the trunk of the banyan tree, so I'm continuing with that sort of look. I'm looking forward to adding some interesting details on this one.

For my next sculpture, I'm actually going to branch out and try to make a male figure. My aunt would like a Gandalf like sculpture, so that is what I am going to go for.