Thursday, July 14, 2011

More painted plates

I got tired of painting small plates, so I decided to mix it up a bit and make bigger plates (around 9 inches wide) and paint bigger scenes. Originally, the Catwoman above (no, I do not own the rights to the character. She belongs to DC... just had to say that) did not have the tiger stripes around it. But, she really needed something. And, if I'm going to charge a certain amount of money for the plate, it really needs to have the detail worth the price. So, I painted tiger stripes and it really worked well.

Next up is the SpiderWoman. No, not the Marvel character, but one of my own. She's kind of like one of the Three Fates. This was a fun drawing that I did years ago and finally am putting it to use. I shall have to make more plates to paint this character on. I am also thinking of slabbing out some porcelain and carving her onto that slab. Then, I'll add the underglaze.

Both of these plates have underglazes that make it to cone 10. They don't burn out. The color will shift (like the purple on the Catwoman will turn bluish), but the reds, purple/blue, and black show up fine. This way, I can use the regular cone 10 glaze instead of the cone 5 glaze I plan to use on all my other plates. It's easier this way... though, I am tempted to just go cone 5 with this. (Cone 5 is a lower temperature than cone 10).
Finally, we have Kergie, based on Kerrigan from Starcraft. No, I haven't played that game. At any rate, I decided that since I had a fantasy/metaphysical character and a superhero/villain, I really needed an alien. So, here you go. After I drew her, I realized that Kergie needed a good background and something more. So, I added an alien 'puppy' along with some other background bits. We'll see how I paint this one.

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