Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trimmed Yarn bowls and glazing

Last night was spent trimming plates and yarn bowls. I changed the cuts this time so that it is more vertical and instead of pushing the 'flap' out, I pushed it in. Hopefully, this will stop the collapsing issue I've been having with some of these. The slot on the left one in the above photo is a bit bigger than I'd like, but it should work well.

Another yarn bowl.

And another jar is glazed. This time I've used the Leo's Jade for the main part and Tenmoku for the knob. Love this combination of glazes.

The Tree Woman version 2 survived the bisque firing, but managed to blow out her back side. It's my fault for leaving it too thick, not poking holes and not letting her dry long enough. My bad. But, after a little sanding, she's just fine. I'll be dropping her off at the wood kiln tomorrow morning. Photos to come.

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