Friday, August 20, 2010

Tenmoku bowls

Finally got a few bowls fired.

Half happy, half irritated with these bowls. They were not supposed to go into the Shino firing, but somehow ended up in there. They were supposed to go into the Copper red firing (more reduction, i.e. less oxygen put into the kiln while firing. Copper red glazes need more carbon in order to turn red). They at least got some red in them and there's a little blue blush (glaze chemicals circulate in the kiln and can land in other bowls, chemically react and create beautiful colors or not so beautiful colors).

At any rate, they are nice bowls. I have promised one of my potter friends that I will not low ball the price on these in order to sell them.

The last two photos are tenmoku bowls. They turned out pretty nicely. Kind of boring, but nice and glossy.

I could have sworn that I threw more bowls than this, but I guess I haven't. Some of the bowls I glazed with the Hatcher Purple glaze have to be refired because they were underfired. The glaze simply did not mature (smooth out nicely). Ah well, for pottery, I can be patient.