Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More about the sake cups

Hehe, I love leaving you in suspense, Lisa!

Over the weekend, I glazed 75 sake cups matte black. 18 bisqued cups are left over and I've thrown 57 more. Still need to trim them today. The remaining cups will be glazed with Chun, a milky white kind of glossy glaze.

Now, I can start throwing bowls for the sale on May 1st and 2nd. Hooray? Hahaha And I need to finish up a mermaid sculpture.

Ok, how's that Lisa? Does it stop the suspense? hehe

Oh, and I still have to take and post photos of the last wood soda fire results. So little time these days!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More sake cups

Ok, Lisa, this post is just for you!

My cousins finally decided on what color they wanted the sake cups to be. Today... So, I wasn't trying to keep you in suspense at all. It wasn't my fault!!!

Now, I know that I threw at least 75 cups. 4 were glazed and sent to my cousin as test samples. However, when I counted the number of bisqued cups I had in my possession and added those 4 already mentioned, I came up with 68 cups. Some how 7 cups have disappeared. Not sure how.

I've already thrown and trimmed 19 more and did 12 more tonight (one might be disqualified because it was quite wobbly). My back started to ache and along with some pretty bad forearm pain, I decided to throw a bottle with the rest of the clay on my wheel and just leave it at 12 cups and one bottle tonight.

More trimming tomorrow and perhaps more throwing. Depends on this ole body o' mine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The beginnings of the Mermaid

There you go. The beginnings of the mermaid sculpture. That's her tail on the right. I really need to round it out more to give her a more organic feel... The other parts will be her body. Oh, and the flipper part of her tail hasn't been added yet.

In other news, I'm really falling behind in the sake cup production. I have 75 made. 4 were glazed as samples to send to my cousin so he and his bride could decide on colors. Now, I have to make about 75 more (the total is down from 200 to 140. BUT, it's good to make extras.)

So, I hope to do that this weekend.