Wednesday, November 10, 2010

another vase and bowls completely fired

The latest tall vase. I'm not completely happy with the esthetics of it. I feel like I'm sacrificing good shape and design for size. So, I think I'll be working on making slightly smaller vases and doing the whole shaping thing. They'll be more typical vases, not ones used for ikebana.

11 of the bowls above are from that run of 16 big bowls I made. The two black bowls at the top are from previous firings. The 3 green are glazed with celadon. 2 of them are black. One is black and red.

Now, the bright white bowls with little bits of red were all glazed with copper red, but as you can see, they are not red. The glaze was too thin. Where the glaze pooled in the center is thicker and so it turned red. Hopefully, these will sell.

Woodfiring this week. I cannot wait! Hope to upload some photos of the firing and I'll definitely post photos of the results.

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