Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of Ikebana pots

This past weekend, I went to a lovely Ikebana show and got inspired.

I took a number of photographs of pots and vases and vessels I will make in the future.

I didn't have the energy to make any stacked vases last night, so I decided to start off with some wall hanging vases.

To get the type of tapered shape I like and not have to trim a bunch of clay off, I threw these pieces upside down. Yes, they sort of look like artillery shells right now, but when they are done, they'll be flattened on one side and reversed (the bottom will be the top). The center one was about 1.25 lbs while the others were about 1.5.

This is the biggest one I threw. It's a little over 6 inches tall. I think. Honestly, I can't remember, but it was the biggest last night, made with about 3 lbs of clay.

And, I finally threw some new bases for my mushroom lamps. Once they are done, I'll take a few photos to show you what they are supposed to be.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Platters, Vases and a tea set

Platters made last night.

More platters. These are for Christmas presents for family. I might have to make more for the next sale. I don't know yet.

Here's the creamer, also made for a friend.

Tea cups.

Sugar jar.

Here's a vase. It's about 16 inches tall or so. It's not quite what I had in mind, but considering how long it's been since I've thrown a vase. This is what we call a 'stacker'. I threw two cylinders and stacked one on top the other. Made sure it was sealed and did a little shaping. Usually, I throw narrower tops and never see the inside. However, since these needed to have a wider top, I can see the insides and not really happy with how the inside looks. Hopefully, I'll get used to it or get better at making these!

And another 'stacker' vase made last night. The bulge is where the two cylinders are attached. I will probably add some more bits of clay to decorate it.

Must make more!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally done with bowls!

The last 4 bowls are trimmed and drying! Thank goodness. I was getting a little tired of making them. The one on the bottom right has me a bit worried. It was horribly off center when I was trimming it and one part is a bit 'bendy'. Hopefully it will survive.

Finally getting to the sugar, creamer and 2 mugs for a tea set. The cup in the very back (center) will be my Mom's new cup. A while ago, I made a set of cups for my family to use during family dinner (Mom, Dad, Becky, Mar... I inscribed all our names on the cups). Mom's cup developed a V-shaped crack and just broke. Not sure how that happened. Anyhow, she needed a new cup. Now she gets one.

Finally, I threw a platter. Working on getting Christmas presents made. I don't think this platter is quite big enough for my Aunt. So I shall have to use more clay when I make hers...

I'm thinking of making some 1 1/2 lb bowls soon. It's always good to have a variety. And, well, I can always use more bowls for myself, right???

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

of egg cups and MORE bowls

First up, 8 trimmed and drying bowls. The previous 4 were sent out to bisque.

4 more bowls thrown. Total is now 16. I think I'm done with bowls for now.

At long last, Lisa's egg cups! Along with a jumbo egg. Lisa, I hope that you use large or medium sized eggs otherwise, they might teeter a bit hehe.
And finally, Emma's set. The black is actually a dark blue. The lighting is bad in my kitchen. The three white cups are a little big for eggs, so I decided to call them shot cups for Emma's husband.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More bowls

4 more bowls made. I think I'm getting a little tired of making them.

The bowls I made on Sunday were too wet to trim tonight, so I brought them home (woohoo on the no slipping and sliding, dinging up the bowls tonight!). I hope to trim them on Thursday. Will post photos of them when they are done and drying.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More bowls

Spent my evening at the studio last night. Trimmed the bowls thrown on Tuesday and...

Threw a few more. 2 bags of 4 x 6lbs bowls thrown. 2 more to go. At least one of these bowls will be a present that Mom wants to give to our friends.

As for glaze, I'm thinking one batch of celadon, one batch of black tenmoku, one batch of red and one batch of black and red.

Should be done throwing bowls by next Sunday. Then it will be platters and vases.