Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Egg cups take 2

There you have it. Egg cups take two. Last year, I made a few for a good friend and they were less than... good. So, after my sake cup making extravaganza from earlier this year, I revisited the egg cups. Some are definitely too big (shot glasses anyone?) and some might be too deep. Can't really tell til they are done and fired.

I threw these at the studio, and took them home. I was being very careful in placing them on the floor and taking corners easily. I even tried to slow down in a way that would not cause issues... However, momentum is a heartless bitch and when one forgets to put a DVD that is sitting on a jacket under said jacket, braking can cause DVD to fly forwards and land on top of some eggcups and knock others over...

When I got home, I used a rounded stick too to round out some of them. Smoothed some of the edges (some are definitely wavy now!) and hoped for the best.

They didn't look too bad this morning, but... well, I still have a ton of Glacia clay left and I do have to make some bases for the mushroom lamps, so I might make more of these little guys in the next few days...

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