Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mermaid with arms!

Having gone through some older posts, I realized I never posted a photo of the Mermaid with her arms. So, here she is.

Also, I forgot to take a photo of the seahorse boat. Not too keen on it. There's definite room for improvement.

Last night was fun. Aside from making the boat, I was able to do some raku with a student's piece. Learned a little more about firing the bigger raku kiln (keeping it slow, doing a final burst of reduction at the end to get the color of the pot right (color in terms of how hot the pot is, not how the glaze will be) as well as how much more paper I need to add to the burn barrel at the end.

All in all, a good night.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More bowls

More bowls thrown. The three on the top row are mine.

Here is a bigger bowl and a base, thrown for a friend on her request.

Here are the bowls trimmed and drying. The middle one is the base and the big bowl.

Will be working on a seahorse boat tonight. Then, nothing much for the next few weeks because I'm off to Hawaii!

And one of the bowls from the previous post jumped off the bat and plunged to its squishy death. So, I'm down a bowl. It's all good. Some bowls are just not meant to be.

Oh, and the Mermaid is at the wood kiln. She lost a part of her tail before being bisque fired, but I was able to reattach it. Keep your fingers crossed that the tail stays on when she is final fired!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where does the time go???

Hello! Yes, it has been quite some time since I've updated this blog. I'd say I was busy, but I was only a bit busy.

I attended the Spring sale in May and took a break from pottery after that. Not much of a break, mind you, but nevertheless, a break. I also went to Ireland for 5 days which did eat into some pottery making time.

Ah well, enough excuses.

Above you see are some bowls I threw last weekend. I had my parents over to my new condo and realized I had no serving bowls whatsoever! Silly me. I had sold all my bowls. And since bowls are such a big seller at sales, I decided to make more.

Usually, I work on commission pieces first and then work on sale stuff. This means I'm always facing a crunch around the sale time. This time, I decided to make a ton of bowls and other stock and then, right before the sale, I will work on commission pieces (egg cups for Emma and Lisa, a popover holder for Tina, and some ikebana vases for a friend's boyfriend's mom...)

So, that's my plan. I'll try to do better about keeping you updated on this!