Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sale Remnants

White cup and white jar

Two teapots

Two cats, one angel and 3 martini pitchers

Green cups

Pendants (minus the pansies, those went to a friend)

Ladybug pendants

Dragons and Lotus blossoms


Lots of espresso cups... these have tapered bottoms

The rest were squared off bottoms

Brown cups

One big black shiny bowl

One beige bowl.

One thing nice about not selling everything, they can always become Christmas presents


  1. i love your kitties. where do you sell these?

  2. why am i not in your followers list? i follow! :' (

  3. Weird, Angie. Google has been having issues with comments, maybe it's having issues with followers too. I didn't delete you! I promise!

    Oh, and I usually sell my work at my studio's sales or online via this site. :D

  4. Sorry I couldn't make it to the sale. We were headed into Sacramento that day and we were on a tight schedule.

  5. I shall never talk to you again Pam!!! Just kidding. Hope you had a great time. I'm sure you enjoyed giving Mikey his new onsie :D

  6. Oh, wow! Lucky friends!! While I love all your work, I just can't believe those kittehs came home with you. But then maybe I'm partial to kittehs or something... ;-)