Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Tragedy of the Phoenix Pot

This is why you never get attached to a piece before it's been finished and safely placed within your house...

I had finally decided how I wanted to glaze it too. But, when your beloved kitty knocks over a cactus, you reach over the phoenix and your sleeve catches on it (and of course, your mother had already told you to move the pot before it gets knocked over), things can happen. Bad things.

Sorry, Lisa! The base pot is still ok and I'll probably raku it in frustration this week... Will take photos of it after it's been fired.


  1. Poopy!!! I haven't broke any of my pieces as of yet, but I know that I will eventually.

  2. Just broke a piece yesterday!! I made an apple shaped box and had made a flange for it so the lid would stay on. Well, I got it to bone dry and I tried to take the lid off. Stuck! Boo, had to pry it apart and broke part of the flange while I was at it. It's still workable, so I'm firing it anyways. lol

  3. Woot! It's a milestone :D first of many!

  4. We sure hope the "kitty" didn't get hurt by the cactus. ; ) Now, who of the two was it?