Sunday, November 15, 2009


A friend on Facebook linked a page of modern teapots. I saw them and said: I can make that one in the shape of a bullet with a handgun handle as the teapot handle and the barrel as a spout! He said that he would pay for something like that. Well, with my sale coming up and my idea to have a sort of fairy land theme for my upcoming sale, I decided to wait on making the bullet/gun teapot.

Then, his girlfriend writes: how about the green one? I asked: the snail one? I want to make one of those! And so, I made some teapots. One is a dragon because I love dragons (almost as much as I love cats) and the other is my attempt at a snail teapot. It needs to be underglazed a nice light green and you really can't see the tail that balances it in the back, but I'm sort of ok with it. I need to work on the spout part of the snail teapot. But, until I make the next one, here ya go...

Dragon teapot says: Ahhhhhhhh
I threw the body, spout and lid. Pulled the handle. Waited a few days for it to dry enough. Because it's been so cold, things are taking forever to dry! The spout looked like a regular bottle at the start. I sliced the bottom at an angle to match the teapot body. Then, for the spout, I cut the top parallel to the table top. I think it makes a nice angle. Added the dragon upper snout, eyes, horns, lid handle and other spikes and front claws... no, he does not really have arms or back legs. I will be carving in an indentation to indicate the back haunches. And I used a v-shaped tool to cut in all the scales.
I like the little snail knob for the lid and I'll be using a bamboo handle for this one. I'm not sure about the spouts or how they will pour. We'll see when it's all fired.
As you can see here, the spouts are not perfectly even or matching. Will have to work on that...

Will try to post pictures of the finished kitty teapot next time.

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