Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sculpture part 2

So, this is what my TreeWoman looks like now. She's got her limbs and some support for her waist area. The waist was a bit weak, so when it was too wet and I had all the limbs in place, she started to lean back and crack right about there. I had to straighten her up and then added more clay snakes to the waist. Hopefully, it won't crack anymore. This is what happens when you add too much to the top (top heaviness) and have weak, too wet waist. Fortunately, with a heat gun and some patience, she might be ok.

I'll be drying her slowly which will be pretty easy considering the wet weather.


  1. It's looking great! I hope she doesn't develope a chronic back problem. lol
    Oh, I also like the way you changed the top of her dress to include straps. It looks very greek now, to me at least. It also allows her to wear a supportive bra. That will help with her back problems. lol
    I crack me up!